This conference will highlight recent efforts associated with standardizing future smart and connected forensic evidence rooms for Internet of Things (IOT) based AutoID technologies in the State of Texas as a catalyst for trendsetting across the U.S. regarding automating forensics processes using autonomous technologies.

The conference will provide a forum for attendees to analyze the issues of automating chain of custody processes, utilize existing best practices and generate new research-based strategies on the best ways to approach standardization.

Conference workshops will focus on three broad topics to be examined with respect to forensic laboratory operations safety and efficiency, breakthroughs in forensics science and promoting education and learning to U.S. students on the topic, with special attention to promoting successful learning and retention of minority and female students in STEM.

Topic #1:
The risks of automating COC processes with Internet of Things (IOT) technologies

Participants will examine their understanding of the skills needed for successful forensic operations, including factors such as drug type, evidence room procedures and information system requirements. These variables will be examined and discussed relative to risks of failure that may be introduced with new technologies. Literature highlights the safety risks of manual processes associated with handling drugs such as fentanyl. This research will lead to discussions that will address both sides of the issue.

Topic #2:
Relevant COC scenarios that Internet of Things (IOT) technologies would be useful

Representatives from the forensics and IOT automation communities will explore what technologies are available and useful. Though RFID technologies were cited in literature, other use-case scenarios will be explored along with more modern IOT concepts such as real-time Bluetooth beaconing.

Topic #3:
The feasibility, economic and safety impacts of using Internet of Things (IOT) technologies

This topic will focus on the barriers to integrating IOT technologies. Though some have been identified as useful, the barrier for adoption of automated technologies has not been sufficiently addressed for large-scale adoption. This topic will discuss what processes and technologies can be highlighted for successful adoption by meeting the important hurdles of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and increased safety.


Standardizing Future Smart and Connected Forensic Evidence Rooms Workshop

June 11-12, 2018
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This conference will highlight recent efforts associated with Internet of Things (IOT) Based AutoID Technologies usage in the chain of custody (COC) as catalyst for trendsetting across the U.S. in regards to the automation of forensics processes. Contact Us!

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