Speakers and Keynote Speakers

Advisory Committee MemberArea of Expertise
Mr. Gary Goldberg, Retired DEA Supervisory Chemist, Vista, CAForensics Evidence Room (Expert)
Ms. Denise Curry, Retired, DEA Diversion Investigator, Arlington, VAEvidence Submission Expert
Ken Mohr, Principal, HERACrime Lab Laboratory/Design using RFID
Dr. Felicia Jefferson, Assistant Professor Biology, Ft. Valley State UniversityToxicology

Standardizing Future Smart and Connected Forensic Evidence Rooms Workshop

June 11-12, 2018
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This conference will highlight recent efforts associated with Internet of Things (IOT) Based AutoID Technologies usage in the chain of custody (COC) as catalyst for trendsetting across the U.S. in regards to the automation of forensics processes. Contact Us!

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