Architectural Engineering

Employment Outlook*

Salaries: $51,000 (low) | $74,000 (median) | $106,080 (high)

Jobs: Projected growth through 2024: 8%

Architectural Engineering at UTA

Architectural engineering is interdisciplinary, requiring expertise in structural engineering and architecture. An architectural engineer can be responsible for the individual design of each of a building’s systems: structural, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, lighting and electrical, plumbing, and fire protection. An architectural engineer can be responsible for the coordinated design of all these systems and for the construction of the entire building with the goal of a safe, economical, and sustainable building system that satisfies the use requirements and provides a secure and comfortable environment for its occupants.

Architectural Engineering Degree Requirements

Architectural Engineers



$9.9 million was awarded to engineering students last year from University, College, and department sources.


Students at internships and coops


The Co-op/Internship Office helps students gain placement in co-op and intern positions that will give undergraduate students practical work experience. Internships are generally completed off-campus during a semester or summer term, while students participating in co-ops alternate between full-time work and attending classes, one semester at a time.

Student participating in research

Research and Projects

Undergraduate students complete a capstone course prior to graduation, working in small groups to apply knowledge to a real-world project or problem, often with financial support from an industry partner. Students may also take advantage of opportunities to work in faculty labs on funded research. In a new program at UTA, students may use federal work-study funds to earn money for such research.

Graduates on the job site

Who Hires Our Graduates?

Graduates of the department work at many companies in the region, including Freese and Nichols, Jacobs Engineering, HP Civil Engineering, BNSF Railway, Dunaway Associates, the Texas Department of Transportation, Teague, Nall & Perkins, and several others.


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