Biomedical Engineering


  • B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
  • Fast-track M.S. in Biochemistry/Biomedical Engineering
  • B.S. to Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Salary Information*

  • Low: $51,480
  • Median: $86,220
  • High: $139,520
  • Projected growth through 2024: 23%

Why Bioengineering at UTA

Biomedical engineers create human tissue and artificial organs, develop tools to fight cancer and other diseases, and build tools to gain better images of tumors and internal organs. UTA’s Bioengineering Department offers focus areas in bioinstrumentation, biomaterials and tissue engineering, medical imaging, biomechanics, and nanomedicine and nanotechnology. Students gain valuable experience working with faculty researchers, completing senior design projects, and working at internships, and they make lasting friendships and contacts in dozens of student organizations.
Bioengineering Degree Requirements

Bioengineering Students and Faculty



$9.9 million was awarded to engineering students last year from University, College, and department sources.


Students at internships and coops


Internships and Co-ops: The Co-op/Internship Office helps students gain placement in co-op and intern positions that will give undergraduate students practical work experience. Internships are generally completed off-campus during a semester or summer term, while students participating in co-ops alternate between full-time work and attending classes, one semester at a time.

Student participating in research

Research and Projects

Undergraduate students may take advantage of opportunities to work in faculty labs on funded research. In a new program at UTA, students may use federal work-study funds to earn money for such research. Undergraduate students complete a capstone course prior to graduation, working in small groups to apply knowledge to a real-world project or problem, often with financial support from an industry partner.

Graduates on the job site

Who Hires Our Graduates?

Graduates of the department move on research posts at organizations such as the United States Food and Drug Administration and the Cleveland Clinics, and companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Alcon, Medtronics, and Zimmer Biomet.

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Dion Su
UTA made my dreams a reality. Although being an international student made it hard for me to navigate at first, the supportive professors made it easy for me to find ways to achieve my goals. Professors guided me through several opportunities and trained me to be the professional I am today. From classes to research techniques, UTA gave me wings I needed to fly. Shravya, BS '18