# 2: HAND-REHA: Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognitionfor Game-based Wrist Rehabilitation

Project ID: 2
Team Members: Farnaz Farahanipad, Ashish Jaiswal, Harish Ram Nambiappan
Faculty Advisor(s): Vassillis Athitsos and Fillia Makedon
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Project Type: Graduate
Title: HAND-REHA: Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognitionfor Game-based Wrist Rehabilitation
Abstract: Hand-gesture recognition systems have recently gained more popularity. Moreover, there is a growing interest in building games for other purposes apart from entertainment, such as education and rehabilitation. This research focuses on developing a novel game-based system for wrist rehabilitation, called HandReha. The idea is to automatically recognize pre-defined hand gestures using a web camera to control an avatar in a three-dimensional maze run game. The pre-defined gestures are picked from a pool of well-defined gestures suitable for wrist rehabilitation. Deep learning techniques were utilized to perform real-time hand gesture recognition from the images. To evaluate the performance of the developed wrist rehabilitation system, a study with 12 healthy participants was conducted. The results showed that the developed wrist rehabilitation system is intuitive, comfortable for the user, easy to understand and keeps the user engaged.
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