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Innovation Day Projects

# Type Title
1GraduatePIV Investigation of Flow Field around Submerged Bridge Geometry
2GraduateCompound coastal, fluvial, and pluvial modeling: comparison of Hurricane Rita, Ike and Harvey forcing effect in Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas
3GraduateNumerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Forces on Riverine and Coastal Bridges Subjected to Extreme Weather Events
4GraduateDevelopment of a Bayesian Copula-based Nonstationary Framework for Compound Flood Risk Assessment
5GraduateDevelopment of Automated Algorithm Utilizing Deep Learning to Predict Insulin Secretion
6GraduateSurface Flashover Under Varying Surface Pollutions
7GraduateA Capacitive-Inductive-Capacitive (CLC) Testbed for Studying the Rapid Discharge and Recharge of High Voltage Capacitors
8GraduatePower Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) Emulation of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems with Operating Voltages as high as 1 kVDC
9GraduateDC and Pulsed Evaluation of Altered Dielectric Insulation Materials
10GraduateLeveraging AI and Supply Chain Technologies for Early Detection and Prevention of COVID-19 and Respiratory Infections in URM Communicties
11GraduateDevelopment of Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) Manufacturing Cell
12GraduateExperimental demonstration of band flips and band closure in resonant optical lattices
13GraduateBio adhesive for Glenoid Labrum Tear Repair Through Induced Host Progenitor Cell Responses
14GraduateUpgrading wastewater for Irrigation use: A sustainable solution
15GraduatePrioritizing Organic Waste to Energy-Renewable: Development and Application of the POWER Framework
16GraduateILGAM model for predicting generation and emission of methane from landfills in semi-arid regions of Iran
18GraduateAdditive Manufacturing of Novel Ti-Ti Metal Matrix Composite (T-TMC)
19GraduateAutomated Inspection and Material Supply in the Construction of Highways and Bridges
20GraduateInfluence of Graphene in Twisted High-Density Polyethylene Fibers
21GraduateLong Wave Infrared Filters
22GraduateHealthcare Costs of Construction Workers in Unfavorable Weather Conditions
24GraduateAn In Vitro 3D Model for studying the effect of IOL and Posterior Capsule interactions on cell responses as a precursor to PCO formation.
25GraduateImproving Urban Mobility through Innovative AV Technology - Arlington, TX as a Case Study
27Other Undergraduate1 Wamp Amplifier
28Other UndergraduateCreating a Distortion Pedal
29Other UndergraduateFuzz Face Guitar Pedal
30Other UndergraduateWah Pedal
31Senior DesignElectioneering
33REUCost-Aware Polyamide 12 Recycling in Selective Laser Sintering
34REUNon-Intrusive Queen Bee Activity Monitoring System
35REUAn Immersive Teleoperation System for Robot Navigation
36REUAbuseGuard: Guarding Social Media Users against Toxic Behavior
37REUDesign and Manufacturing of Ultralight Lattice Metamaterials Inspired by Nature
38REUArtisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining National Mercury Emissions Estimates using Hg:Au Ratios
39REUHigh Resolution of Whole-Mount Mouse Organs with Axially Swept Light Sheet Microscopy
40REUResearch on Academic E-Portfolios
41REUSimulating a Monitoring System for Police Patrol Officer Wellness
42REUStructural Scaling for 3D Printed Models with Frequency and Modal Similarity Constraints
43REUDevelopment of injectable nanocomposite hydrogels for stimuli-responsive pain medicine delivery
44REUEffects of Laser Light Stimulation on Blood Oxygenation and Behavioral Performance of the Human Brain
45REUHigh-throughput Cancer-normal cell interface platform for discovering new molecules for cancer treatment
46REUDevelop the prototype of a high-speed 3D printer
47REUBeyond a Barrier-Free Campus: A Human-Centric Framework to Analyze the Personal Environment of Wheelchair Users
48REUA novel bistatic radar reflectometry system for real-time pavement surface condition monitoring
49REUExtending CoWiz++ Visual Dashboard for Understanding Covid Data
50REUMorphing structures using bio-mimetic soft actuators
51REUDevelopment αICAM1- EpoR- PLGA nanoparticles for treatment of peripheral arterial disease
52REUDevelopment and Implementation of Virtual Reality (VR) Training to Prevent Powered Haulage Accidents in Small Mines
53REUAdditive Manufacturing of Composite Structures: Design, Fabrication, and Testing
54REUWeld strength and microstructure analysis for laser welding of shape memory alloys
55Senior DesignMicrofluidic system for cell culture beads
56Senior DesignRaytheon Drone Competition
57Senior DesignElectric Golf Scooter
58Senior DesignLinear Transformer Driver
59Senior DesignRaytheon Supersensor
60Senior DesignDesign and fabrication of an automated tubular perfusion system bioreactor for endothelialization of surface-modified silicone tubes in the in vitro percutaneous transluminal angioplasty model
62Senior DesignPhotonic RF Distribution
63Senior DesignPhase Shifted Full Bridge Power Supply
64Senior DesignSoundproofing Design for Electric Vehicle
65Senior DesignDevelopment of a biosensor for the detection of bacterial pathogens
66Senior DesignDeep Learning Neural Network for Light Field Microscope
68Senior DesignLM Wearable
69Senior DesignPellet Extruder
70Senior DesignFixed Wing 3D Printed Aircraft- Fire Flies Co.
71Senior DesignUnderwater Propulsion Device
72Senior DesignMars Rover- Proof of Life module
73Senior DesignPortable Speed Measurement Device
74Senior DesignAutonomous Drone Structure and Propulsion
75Senior DesignMars Rover -1 Gripper Team
76Senior DesignPLATH Corporation: 3D Printed Aircraft
77Senior Design3DPAC Aircraft Competition Fixed Wing- Minute Made
78Senior DesignASHRAE Design Challenge
79Senior DesignGolf Alignment Corrector
80Senior DesignAutonomous Wheelchair Transportation System
81Senior DesignOperational Space Control
83Senior DesignA Strategy for CFD Simulation of Flow in Nozzles
84Senior DesignDevelopment of a Formula SAE Electric Drivetrain
85Senior Design A Vascular Stent Delivery System with Hand-On Experience for Children's Science and Technology Museum
86Senior DesignElectric FSAE Race Car
87Senior DesignLightweight Wearable American Sign Language Translation Device
88Senior DesignDFW Airport Catalyst Center
89Senior DesignCalyan Wax Co.
90Senior DesignWaste Reduction & Inventory Control at National Door Industries
91Senior DesignSiemens Switchgear Missing Parts
92Senior DesignRaytheon Drone Competition
93Senior DesignAerial Penetration Tester
94Senior DesignPositron Rover
95Senior DesignERB Postal Service
97Senior DesignCableBot
98Senior DesignRV Travel Data Analysis App
99Senior DesignNight Walls
100Senior DesignHuman Assistance For Robot Arm (HAFRA)
102Senior DesignMultimodal Breast Tumor Localization Seed
103Senior DesignComputational Modeling and Simulation of Hypertrophic Heart for Surgical Planning
104Senior DesignPortable Car Sterilizer
105GraduateA holistic approach for physical, economic, and socio-demographic evaluation of coastal flood hazard adaptation in Santa Monica Bay, California
106Senior DesignThe Angler, a Novel 810nm LED Transcranial Photobiomodulation Headcap Device
107GraduateSilicon Raman generation with resonant periodic nanopatterns
108Senior DesignData Acquisition System For Electromagnetic Launcher
109Other UndergraduateOverdrive Pedal