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Innovation Day Projects

# Type Title
1GraduateDevelopment and application of TELECOM (Telecommuting Effects on Levels of Emission and COmmunity Mobility) Framework
3GraduateDispersion Study of Metal-Organic Frameworks
4GraduateArtificial Intelligence Assisted Prognostic Health Monitoring of Polymer Composites
5GraduateInvestigating Effects of Functional Groups on Graphene Oxide and Structural Characterization: A DFT Study
7GraduateTermite Hindgut Bacteria TAV5: Key to Lignocellulose Waste Decomposition
8GraduateMethane Production With Anaerobic Digestion of Paper Waste and Rice Husk Using Guinea Pig Manure
9GraduateInvestigation of Flow Features and Resulting Scour Hole Geometry Around Cylindrical Piers Subject to Wave and Current
10GraduateCharacterization and Treatment Performance of Aerobic Granular Sludge from Various Zones in a Pulp and Paper Wastewater Treatment Plant
11GraduateUtilizing Human-in-the-Loop AI to Re-Evaluate Cellular Uptake Mechanisms of Therapeutic Poloxamer P188
12GraduatePET Imaging of Active Medical Device-Associated Infection with D-[5-11C]-Glutamine
13GraduateComparison of Human Glenoid and Acetabular Labrum Regenerative Characteristics
14GraduateA 3D In Vitro Model to Assess Intraocular Lens (IOL): Posterior Lens Capsule (PLC) Interactions on Lens Epithelial Cell (LEC) Responses
15GraduateValidating Stimulatory Responses in α- and β-Cells Using Computer Vision Algorithms
16GraduateRegenerative Potential of Different Regions of Glenoid Labrum
18GraduateRecurrence Network Modeling of 3D Point Clouds and its Application on Additively Manufactured Metamaterials
19GraduateIn-situ Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing of Metamaterials Using Incremental Heat Kernel Signature
20GraduateHardware Evolution: Genome-based Selection of FPGA Netlists for Pulse Identification
23GraduateFrosting Sense: Improvised Cake Decorating Through Interactive Tool
24GraduateExperimental Band Dynamics in Resonant Nanophotonic Lattice
25GraduateFabrication of Ge-based Resonant Optical Devices
26GraduatePower Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) Emulation of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems with Operating Voltages as High as 1 kVDC
27GraduatePulsed Dielectric Breakdown of Altered Solid Dielectric Insulation Materials
28GraduateStudy of DC Arc Flash Phenomena
150GraduateIncreasing Renewable Energy Potential of Landfill Gas by Electrocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Methane at Low Temperature
151GraduateFuelFix Fuel Additive Research Program
152GraduatePrioritizing Organic Wastes to Energy-Renewable: Development and Application of the POWER Framework
154GraduateAnaerobic Digestion of Food Waste Components: Modeling Biogas Production
155GraduateIPVNet: Learning Implicit Point-Voxel Features for Open-Surface 3D Reconstruction
29Other UndergraduateData Acquisition System for a Small Scale Demonstration Rail Gun
30Other UndergraduateUAV Hovering Control
31Other UndergraduatePowering a Weather Station Using Solar Energy and Measurement of Solar Irradiation and UV Rays
33Other UndergraduateWeather Station Atmosphere Team
34Other UndergraduateSophomore Project Laboratory: Weather Station Wind Team
35Other UndergraduateCommunication and Power Distribution for the Weather Station
36Other UndergraduateStepper Motor Control
37Other UndergraduateSolar Powered Home Light
38Other UndergraduateWind Energy Source
39Other UndergraduateSolar Powered AC Motor Drive
40Other UndergraduatePV Battery Energy Source
41Other UndergraduateWireless Charging
42Other UndergraduateThe Effect of Magnesium Acetate on the Formation of Brucite on Magnesium Oxide Surfaces
43Other UndergraduateExtract a Growth Rates from AFM Image Grains by Cross-sections (Gwyddion Analysis Software, Pygwy Scripts, and Python)
44Other UndergraduateFlow Trigger
45Other UndergraduateUsing Video Games to Help Children Learn and Retain Educational Material
46Other UndergraduateIOT Nursing Display
47Other UndergraduateAlgorithm Development for Automatic Analysis of Bimodal Optical and Electrical Nanosensing Time-Series Data
48Other UndergraduateDiagnosis of Covid-19 Impact on the Construction Employment: Decline and Recovery
49Other UndergraduateNovel Graphene Membranes for CO2 Capture and Sequestration
149Other UndergraduateStepper Motor Drive using Dual H-Bridge
50REUWIPAR Design Tool Analysis for Use in Developing Hypersonic Waveriders
51REU3D Printed Scaled Models for Aeroelastic Wind Tunnel Experiments
52REUOn the Resistivity of Dissimilar Laser Welded NiTi-SS Joints Using an Electromagnetic Field
53REUInvestigation of Flammability Properties for Graphene-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites
54REUToward Improvement and Homogenizing the Properties of Additively Manufactured Parts Through Inducing Borders During Fabrication
55REUConsistent Improvement in Targeted Nanoparticle Delivery for PAD Treatment Enabled by a Novel Nanopore Sensor Technology
56REUBiomechanical Characterizations and 3D Light Sheet Imaging Assessment of the Hypertrophic Heart Tissues
57REUDesigning, Cloning, and Testing Genetically Engineered Metabolic Pathways to Produce Therapeutics in Gut Bacteria
58REUDevelopment of Dual Epo Nanoparticles for Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease
59REUImplantable Fluorescence Seed for Breast Cancer Localization
60REUInjectable Cellulose-Based Hydrogel Treatment Loaded with Temozolomide for Local Delivery to Glioblastomas: In Vitro Co-Culture and In Vivo Human GBM Xenograft
61REUDetection of Landmark Transducer Positioning for Accurate and Safe Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage
62REUPrediction of Mechanical Responses for Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures
63REUPA12 Material Aging in Selective Laser Sintering: Machine Learning-based Prediction
64REUExploring Feature Representations for Supercritical Fluid Chromatography via Machine Learning and Surrogate Optimization
65REUA Review on Potential Benefits of Shared Electric Vehicles
66REUTackling “Forever Chemicals PFAS” towards a New Treatment Paradigm and Public Awareness
67REULaboratory Testing of Engineered Media for Biofiltration Swales to Improve Water Quality
68REUEvaluating Building Thermal Resiliency Under Extreme Weather Events in Texas
69REUAdvanced Vision Interactive Drone
70REUSemi-autonomous TurtleBot with Real-time Object Detection and Depth Estimation
72REUDatabase Preprocessing and Database Design for Efficient Analysis of Knowledge Graphs.
73REUDesign Tow-Steered Composites Plate Structures Using Multiscale Modeling and Transfer Learning
74REUPractical Efficient Microservice Autoscaling
76REU[MLN-DASH] Web-Based Dashboard for Generation, Analysis and Visualization of Complex Data Sets Using Multilayer Networks.
77REUTailoring Post-Curing Methods to Enhance Mechanical Performance of Body Centered Cubic Metamaterials Fabricated Using Stereolithography
78REUMachine Learning for Site-Specific Management in Precision Agriculture
80REUDesigning Scalable, Affordable, and Efficient Microgrids
81REUDe Novo Development of Small CRISPR-CAS Proteins Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
82REUMIMO Micro-Doppler Radar
83REUImplementation of Game-Based Decision-Making Algorithms for Autonomous Driving
84Senior DesignThrough Wall Human Detection
85Senior DesignMiniature Coil Gun
86Senior DesignSolid State Marx Generator
87Senior DesignNon-Linear Transmission Line (NLTL)
88Senior DesignSpectrally Resolved Optical Imaging System
90Senior DesignPortable Vehicle Speed Radar Measurement System
92Senior DesignUTA FSAE Torque Vectoring Computer and Digital Dashboard
95Senior DesignRaytheon UAS Showcase
96Senior DesignThe Design and Testing of an Autonomous Aerial and Ground Vehicle
97Senior DesignRaytheon Technologies Unmanned Aircraft Systems University Innovation Showcase
98Senior DesignPhotogrammetry Drone for Damage Analysis
99Senior DesignDisaster Drone - CSE Team
100Senior DesignPreventing Necrosis from CPAP Prongs in NICU Patients
101Senior DesignLightweight, Wearable American Sign Language Translation Device
102Senior DesignOccupational Health Monitoring and Alert System
103Senior DesignSOMA: Electrolarynx Redefined
104Senior DesignAir Bubble Sensor for ECMO Patients in PICU
105Senior DesignDevelop 3D Image Reconstruction and 3D Printing Protocols and Post-Processing Toolkit for Atrial Septal Defect Surgical Planning
106Senior DesignVR+EMG
107Senior DesignMedi ID
108Senior DesignPark Ranger Hologram
109Senior DesignFishQuest
110Senior DesignCorps Catch
111Senior DesignVR Park Tour
112Senior DesignInteractive Living Stream
113Senior DesignSmart Planter
114Senior DesignPrivacy Preserving Expression Recognition for VR
115Senior DesignSign Translation
116Senior DesignLateLess
117Senior DesignMail Thieves
119Senior DesignSOMA: Electrolarynx Redesigned
120Senior DesignSawyer Robotic Arm Rubiks Cube Solver
121Senior DesignVision: IR Blaster
122Senior DesignARGOOSE - Counter Drone System
123Senior DesignRV vacation rest stop suggestion system
124Senior DesignWardriving Drone
125Senior DesignIntelligent Ground Vehicle
126Senior DesignEcosphere
127Senior DesignCheckers-Playing UR5 Co-bot
128Senior DesignRV8 Work Cell Safety and Control Integration
130Senior DesignElectric Drivetrain Design
131Senior DesignSoundproofing of Autonomous Vehicles
132Senior DesignIndoor Mapping Robot
133Senior DesignFIR Measuring Temperature at a Distance
134Senior DesignMooring CAM
135Senior DesignSurgical Surface Scanner
136Senior DesignASHRAE 2023 Design Competition
137Senior Design4WD FSAE Electric Racecar
138Senior Design3D Printed Fixed Wing Aircraft
139Senior Design3D Printed Aircraft Competition
140Senior Design3D Printed Aircraft Competition
141Senior DesignDFW International Airport Skylink Demand Prediction
142Senior DesignUT Southwestern: Streamlining Rehabilitation Intake Process
143Senior DesignImproving the Receiving Process at Siemens Energy and Automation Inc.
144Senior DesignImprove Surface Mounted Technology Manufacturing Line
145Senior DesignRehrig Pacific "Smart Qualify" Process Retooling
146Senior DesignProduction Capacity Improvement at Dollamur Sport Surfaces
147Senior DesignReduction in 3D Printing Queues by Streamlining Data Collection and Retrieval
148Senior Design576W DC-DC LLC Resonant Power Converter