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With health informatics, engineers are helping improve patient care.

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Bringing Big Ideas to Reality

By it's very nature, engineering defines innovation. to be an engineer is to have an innate curiosity and a desire to make things better, explore the unknown, and create something no one has thought of before.

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Students in a lab
Ruins of an ancient city.

Unlocking Ancient Secrets

Civil engineering assistant Professor Warda Ashraf is delving into the ancient worlds of Rome, Greece, and more to determine why their construction materials have lasted so long and whether they can be recreated synthetically in a laboratory. Continue.

ERB Building

Goal Achieved

UTA has achieved all the required criteria to earn Texas Tier One designation and funding from Texas’ National Research University Fund (NRUF), becoming the fourth university in the state to do so. The designation means that UTA will receive significant additional state funding each year. Continue.

Bridge tested for freeze prevention

Keeping Bridges Ice Free

A geothermal de-icing system designed by Xinbao Yu, associate professor of civil engineering, and Anand Puppala, a former UTA professor, kept a test bridge mostly clear of snow and ice during the sub-freezing winter storm in Dallas-Fort Worth last February. Now, the duo will install the system on an in-service bridge to see how it performs under operational conditions. Continue.

Lab Notes


Jefferson Science Fellow

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine named Erick C. Jones a Jefferson Science Fellow for 2021-22. Dr. Jones, an industrial, manufacturing, and systems engineering . . . Continue.

Faculty Focus

Continuing Leadership

Jim Williams, a civil engineering professor, has been re-elected president of Chi Epsilon, the national civil engineering honor society. The organization has 141 chapters across the . . . Continue.

Faculty Focus

Empowering Students

Alan Bowling, an associate professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, led a group that created a Student Ombuds team for engineering undergraduates, part of the . . . Continue.

Faculty Focus

Inventor Recognized

The National Academy of Inventors selected David Hunn, an adjunct professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and UTA alumnus, as a fellow in 2020. He is the 19th to be selected . . . Continue.


In the Zone

When someone is “in the zone,” they’re in a cognitive state of mind known as flow. A person enters this state when highly engaged with a task, where they often lose track of time and . . . Continue.

Research News

Agriculture Uber

Industrial, manufacturing, and systems engineering Assistant Professor Caroline Krejci is using a new National Science Foundation CAREER Award to design a better way for farmers to move . . . Continue.

Research News

Driverless Transportation Pilot Program

A team led by civil engineering Assistant Professor Sherri Kermanshachi launched a new public transportation pilot program in Arlington that features autonomous vehicles. The project, . . . Continue.

Research News

Nanoparticle Treatment for PAD

Bioengineering Professor Kytai Nguyen is using a National Institutes of Health grant to design a nanoparticle delivery system that will take needed plasmids to arteries in patients who . . . Continue.


Maverick Olympian

Austen Smith took a break from her aerospace engineering studies last semester to prepare for a different kind of challenge: the Olympics. The 20-year-old Keller, Texas, native competed . . . Continue.


Students Top at TECHCON

Three materials science and engineering doctoral students—Yi Ram Kim, Hossein Madanipour, and Allison Osmanson—earned the Best Student Presenter Award at TECHCON 2020, the flagship technical . . . Continue.


Team Competes in Drone Showcase

eams from UTA, UT Dallas, and UT El Paso designed and showcased their own autonomously flying unmanned aerial systems at a Raytheon-sponsored event in May. Students put into practice their . . . Continue.


‘Design Corridor’ Development

In support of its new “career-ready” curriculum, the Electrical Engineering Department is upgrading its current makerspace to create a “design corridor” for students to work on projects and . . . Continue.

Beyond the Lab


Out of this World

usten Smith took a break from her aerospace engineering studies last semester to prepare for a different kind of challenge: the Olympics. The 20-year-old Keller, Texas, native competed in women’s . . . Continue.


The Future of Autonomous Flight

In late 2019, teams from as far away as Blacksburg, Virginia, gathered at the Maverick Activities Center to compete in the Bell Vertical Robotics Competition. UTA was a sponsor, and several College . . . Continue.


Tabletizer Team

Engineering seniors recently had the opportunity to help an alumnus improve his invention. Mel Jackson (’10 B.A., Psychology) collaborated with a senior design team to help him perfect the Tabletizer . . . Continue.


Shared Connection

In some areas of Pakistan, girls are not expected to benefit much from school. Their priority is assumed to be marriage, not education. But Fiza Saeed always wanted to be a doctor, and this goal enabled . . . Continue.



Raj Iyer (’97 Ph.D., ’94 M.S., Electrical Engineering) has held several leadership roles throughout his 25-year career. But in November 2020, he took one of the most important positions of his life: the . . . Continue.

Peter Crouch, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Engineering

Peter E. Crouch, Dean, College of Engineering

Back to Business as Usual—Only Better

Like you, the College of Engineering has had to adapt to all that the pandemic has thrown at us. We’ve been battered and bruised for the last year and a half, but there’s hope!

I’m proud of our faculty, students, and staff for their resilience in the face of isolation, unique challenges, and trying personal and professional situations. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when confronted with situations like those we dealt with last year. True to our nature as engineers, we devised solutions . . . Continue.

Campus Update

inside photo of Nedderman Hall

As the College of Engineering celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2019, focus turned to its history and notable achievements. To mark these milestones and provide an eye-catching focal point for the Nedderman Hall Atrium, the college installed a brightly colored history wall with photos and descriptions of key occurrences from 1959 to 2019. This is the first time that the college’s history has been publicly displayed, and the wall has drawn the attention of visitors and long-time faculty and staff alike, with many pausing to reminisce about various items. Included in the display are the college’s nine deans, two astronaut alumni, the Formula SAE team, and notable firsts.

New Data Degree

UTA’s new master’s degree program in data science helps meet the growing need for data science professionals in STEM, health, and related fields, expanding students’ marketable skills and preparing them to enter dynamic career paths.

Added this fall, the program offers a widely encompassing set of courses that allows students without computer science backgrounds to develop skills for jobs in business, engineering, health care, and science settings. It also instills the acumen needed to draw insights from data, to make sound decisions using data, and to effectively communicate about data-driven findings and decisions.

The master’s degree in data science requires 30 course hours can be completed in two years.

Class Notes

Updates on the successes of our alumni and friends. Let us know of your celebrations and milestones. Continue.

In Memoriam

Kamisetty Rao Paul E. Andrews, Jr.

Kamisetty R. “K.R.” Rao and Paul E. Andrews Jr. are among the alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the college we've lost recently. Continue.