Abstract Submission to PPC/SOFE-2021

  1. Corresponding authors may submit multiple papers, provided that:
    • A person can be first author on no more than two papers.
    • All papers submitted to the conference must be presented by the first author or a knowledgeable co-author. Unattended posters are not allowed.
  2. Create an Account at the PPC/SOFE-2021 Conference Management site.
    1. Visit https://ppcsofe2021.exordo.com/
    2. Under "New to Ex Ordo?" create an account. Enter your name in the way you wish it to appear on author lists, e.g. Jane Smith, J. Smith, J. K. Smith, etc.
    3. Upon entry to the site, pull down the menu under your initials (upper right) and complete your profile.
  3. Submit an abstract
    1. Assemble all information that will be needed to complete the abstract entry form:
      • Preferred presentation format, oral or poster
      • Abstract title and contents, including any sponsor acknowledgments, disclaimers, etc. Note: There is a 350 word limit on the abstract contents. Formatting options such as bold, italic, underlining, subscripts, superscripts, bulleted or numbered lists, Greek characters, and symbols are available.
      • e-mail addresses, names, titles, and affiliations for all authors. (You will be asked to enter the e-mail address first, and the remaining fields will auto-populate if that person has an account in the system.)
      • Choice of topic, from the respective PPC or SOFE topic list.
      • Answers to the following questions
        • Is this a student submission? (First author must be a student)
        • Would you like you like this submission to be considered for a Student Paper Award?
        • Are you willing to be contacted to referee manuscripts submitted to the SOFE-2021 Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science? [SOFE ONLY]
    2. In Ex Ordo, choose the "My Submissions" menu, then "New Submission."
    3. Proceed through the pages in the form. Choose “Done” at the bottom of each page.
      • On the "Track" page, choose PPC or SOFE.
      • On the remaining pages, enter the requested information.
      • The “Student Submission” selection (Yes or No) appears at the top of the "Authors" page. Other questions appear on the "Additional Information" page.
      • The abstract will be submitted after all pages have been entered as "Done".
  4. Manage your abstract
    • The abstract may be edited or withdrawn until the submission deadline of 01 June 2021.
    • Various options for exporting your abstract are available.


If you encounter problems with this procedure, please contact John Mankowski (John.Mankowski@ttu.edu) for help with PPC abstracts or Hutch Neilson (hneilson@pppl.gov) for help with SOFE abstracts.