PPC Technical Program Committee

Pulsed Power Physics Technology, Components and HV Insulation
Chair Jacob Stephens | Jacob.C.Stephens@ttu.edu Texas Tech
High-Energy Density Storage Kevin O'Connor | kaowt5@mail.missouri.edu Missouri
Opening and Closing Switches Jon Cameron Pouncy | jon.pouncey1@navy.mil NSWC
Power Conditioning Taichi Sugai | t_sugai@vos.nagaokaut.ac.jp Nagaoka University
Linear Transformer Drivers, Pulse Forming Lines and Transformers Chris Grabowski | tcgrabo@sandia.gov Sandia National Laboratory
Pulsed Power Diagnostics Simon Bott-Suzuki | sbottsuzuki@ucsd.edu UCSD
Numerical Modelling and Computational Techniques Keith Cartwright | mmhopki@sandia.gov Sandia National Laboratory
High-Voltage Insulation and Dielectric Breakdown Phenomena Ray Allen | raymond.allen@nrl.navy.mil NRL
Explosively-Driven Pulsed Power Andrew Young | young114@llnl.gov Lawrence Livermore
Pulsed Power Industrial and Bio-Medical Applications
Chair John Mays | jon.mayes@apelc.com Applied Physical Electronics LC
Medical, Biological and Environmental Applications William White | william.white@verusresearch.net Versus Research
Industrial and Commercial Applications Matt Lara | matt.lara@apelc.com Applied Physical Electroncis LC
Space and Emerging Applications Remington Reid | remington.reid.1@us.af.mil AFRL
Modulators and Pulsed Magnets for Accelerators Isaac Cohen | isaac.cohen@radiancetech.com Radiance
Electromagnetic Launchers Benjamin McGlasson | Radiance ben.mcglasson@nps.edu Naval Post Graduate School
High Power Microwaves, RF Sources and Antennas
Chair Steve Calico | scalico@sara.com Technion University
High Power Microwave Systems and Sources Nick Jordan | jordann@umich.edu Michigan
Compact and Repetitive Pulsed Power Systems Emily Schrock | eschroc@sandia.gov Sandia Natl Lab
Antennas Robert Koslover | rkoslover@sara.com Sara Inc.
Numerical modelling of HPM Systems James Schrock | james.schrock.2@us.af.mil AFRL/RDH
Non-Linear Transmission Lines (NLTL) Nigel Seddon | nigel.seddon@mbda-systems.com MBDA
Fast and Slow Wave Devices Dave Abe | david.abe@nrl.navy.mil Dave Abe
High-Energy Density Physics and Technology
Chair Yakov Krasik | fnkrasik@physics.technion.ac.il Technion University
Fusion ResearchSamuel Langendorf | samuel.langendorf@lanl.govLos Alamos National Laboratory
Plasma Z-PinchesAdam Steiner | amstei@sandia.govSandia National Laboratory
Imploding Solid Liners in Z-pinch and θ-pinch GeometriesThomas Awe | tjawe@sandia.govSandia National Laboratory
Pulsed X-ray SourcesMark Crawford | mtc@lanl.govLos Alamos National Laboratory
High-Power DiodesDavid Hinshelwood | dave.hinshelwood@nrl.navy.milNaval Research Lab.
High-Power LasersPatrick Rambo | prambo@sandia.govSandia National Laboratory
Wire Array ImplosionsSimon Bland | sn.bland@imperial.ac.ukImperial College
Large High-Current and High-Energy SystemsClayton Edward Myers | cemyers@sandia.govSandia National Laboratory
Equation of State and Isentropic Compression ExperimentsAlexander Velokovich | sasha.velikovich@nrl.navy.milNaval Research Lab.
Particle Beam and Accelerator Technologies
Chair Sandia National Laboratory
High-Current Accelerators Katherine Velas | velas1@llnl.gov Lawrence Livermore Lab
Plasma, Ion and Electron Sources Mark Johnston | mdjohn@sandia.gov Sandia National Laboratory
Intense Electron and Ion Beams Stuart Jackson | stuart.jackson@nrl.navy.mil Naval Research Lab
Free Electron Lasers Bruce Carlsten | bcarlsten@lanl.gov Los Alamos National Lab
High Power Electronics
Chair Mike Giesselmann | Michael.Giesselmann@ttu.edu Texas Tech
Pulse Forming Networks and Alternate TechnologiesArgenis Bilbao | argenis.bilbao.civ@mail.milARL
High-Voltage Power SuppliesJoshua Gilbrech | joshua.a.gilbrech@leidos.comLeidos
Thermal and Power ConditioningDaniel Enderich | daniel.enderich.1@us.af.milAFRL
Prime Power and Power SystemsMichael Giesselmann | Michael.Giesselmann@ttu.eduTexas Tech