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Innovation Day Projects

# Type Title
1Graduate StudentDeveloping Post-Pandemic Telecommuting Expectation Models (TeEMs)
2Graduate StudentAnaerobic Digestion of Food Waste Components: Modeling Biogas Production​
3Graduate StudentTermite Gut Microbe (TAV5) Application to Pulp and Paper Waste and Sugarcane Bagasse to Enhance Lignin Degradation and Boost Methane Production during Anaerobic Digestion
4Graduate StudentFlying Sensors: Using a Drone to Detect Micro-Urban Heat Islands
5Graduate StudentEvaluating an Elbow Exoskeleton for Reducing Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders Risk: An Interdisciplinary Study
6Graduate StudentGraph Signal Processing-Based Modeling of 3D Point Clouds for Layerwise Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing
7Graduate StudentPredictive Insights into User Satisfaction of a Parking App
8Graduate StudentInvestigating the Impacts of Integrating Automation and On-Demand Mobility
9Graduate StudentEvaluating the Root Causes of Parking Citations: A UTA Case Study
10Graduate StudentExploring the Revenues of a University Parking Lot
11Graduate StudentMicro Grid
12Graduate StudentMachine Learning-Assisted Analysis and Design of Tow-Steered Composites
13Graduate StudentElectronic Exam Pad (Eepad)
14Graduate StudentEnhancing Robustness of Indoor Robotic Navigation with Free-Space Segmentation Models Against Adversarial Attacks
15Graduate StudentHuman-Robot Interactive System for Warehouses using Speech, SLAM, and Deep Learning-based Barcode Recognition
16Graduate StudentLiving Datasets: Towards Data-Centric AI Explainability and Bias Mitigation
17Graduate StudentTestbed Design for Robot Navigation Through Differential Ray Tracing
18Graduate StudentAlgorithm Development for Analysis of Optical Trapping Time-Series Data Generated by a Bimodal Optical-Electrical Nanopore Sensor
19Graduate StudentReverse Engineering the NASP X-30
20Graduate StudentA Situational Assessment on the Resurgence of Combined Cycle Engine-Vehicle Development
21Graduate StudentBio-inspired Design for Impact Tolerant Multi-material Composites
22Graduate StudentXenon-Arc Flash Lamp’s Characterization for Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composites
23Graduate StudentDesign and Analysis of Reinforced I-Beam Lattice with Enhanced Energy Absorption
24Graduate StudentDistributed Multi-Leader Formation Tracking Within a Weight-Unbalanced Directed Network of Multiple Agents with Matlab and Webots Simulation
25Graduate StudentEnd-to-End Deep Learning-Based Content Aware Video Compression Network
26Graduate StudentFabrication of Ge based optical devices
27Graduate StudentAnalysis of Noise Sources in Avalanche Region of Reverse Biased p-n Junctions
28Graduate StudentCharacterization of Arc Flash Events from Ultracapacitors and MVDC Capacitors
29Graduate StudentEmulation of a High-Power Electrical and Thermal Load
30Graduate StudentPulsed Dielectric Breakdown of Solid Composite Epoxy Insulators
31Senior DesignMicrogrid
32Senior DesignHigh Voltage Module Development and Characterization for Automatic Test Equipment
33Senior DesignAutonomous Tracking Turret Aiming Coilgun Kinetics (A.T.T.A.C.K.)
34Senior DesignTractor Beam
35Senior DesignCoil gun
36Senior DesignFirst Responder Notification
37Senior DesignRaytheon Drone
38Senior DesignRaytheon Drone Competition
39Senior DesignRaytheon Drone Competition
40Senior DesignFrame Assembly Line Balancing
41Senior DesignKlein Tools Slot Head Screwdriver Process Improvement
42Senior DesignGatekeeper Line Balance Analysis
43Senior DesignTreasures of Magic Packaging Flow
44Senior DesignIncreasing Throughput of the Cleaning and Rust Prevention Process at Klein Tools
45Senior DesignIncrease Efficiency of MSL Racing LLC Paddock Facilities
46Senior DesignAriat International Forklift Station Optimization
47Senior DesignUTA Special Collections: Layout and Process Optimization
48Senior DesignHospital Medical Equipment Transport Vehicle
49Senior DesignEncrypted SMS
50Senior DesignFurthering Healthcare Education Using the Breathe Easy Sim
51Senior DesignIGVC Computer Vision System
52Senior DesignState Farm Social Marketplace Automotive Risk Engine
53Senior DesignUTA SkyCam
54Senior DesignPatient AI
55Senior DesignIGVC Ground Vehicle
56Senior DesignPrecision Marking Vertical Robot Arm
57Senior DesignIEEE Region 5 Competition
58Senior DesignMavCare - A Smart System for Tracking Surgical Instruments
59Senior DesignPeer Review
60Senior DesignLoRa-Net
61Senior DesignDevelopment of a Novel 3D Model to Investigate Prong-Induced Nasal Septum Injury in Preterm Infants
62Senior DesignAnthropometric Virtual Assessment
63Senior DesignEnhancing Lactate Monitoring Efficiency
64Senior DesignDeveloping and Validating a Portable Troponin Testing Device to Advance Cardiac Care
65Senior DesignImproving IV Success Rates for Difficult Vein Access in First Responders to Expedite Lifesaving Fluids
66Senior DesignLot 49-Mitchell St. Bridge Redesign
67Senior DesignCarbon Capture Vessel Design
68Senior DesignMELD AA2219 Materials Characterization
69Senior DesignThe Mooring Cam
70Senior DesignHigh Temperature 3D Printer
71Senior DesignShape Morphing Aircraft Wing
72Senior DesignNIT: Automatic Tool Elevation and Reloading System
73Senior DesignSuction Based End Effector for a Robot
74Senior DesignRQ-11 Raven Design Modification
75Senior DesignAutomated Orthopedic Fixator
76Senior DesignASHRAE 2024 HVAC Design Calculations
77Senior DesignCelebrating 18 Years of AE Senior Design (AE Capstone)
78REUTransporting Bulk Hydrogen by Airship
79REUHarness Edge Intelligence for Grid Resilience: Embedded Optimization to Enhance Automatic Restoration in Distribution Systems
80REUSolar Africa
81REUReconfigurable Multi-Objective Solar Inverter and EV Charger System Co-Design
82REUSoft Pneumatic Actuator-Based Hand and Wrist Exoskeleton for Motion Assistance in Rehabilitation
83REUEnergy Storage on the BESS Train
84REURheological and Thermal Behavior of Wastewater Sludge: Discrepancy Between Facility Design and Facility Operation in Heat Exchangers
85REUSocio-Environmental Costs Comparison of Trenchless Cured-in-Place Pipe and Open-cut Pipeline Replacement Methods
86REURemoval of Copper Using Aureobasidum Pullulans and Arthrobacter Sp. for the Betterment of Biosolids Quality
87REUPerformance of Using Expanded Polystyrene Blocks as Building Materials to Reduce the Cost of Energy Consumption
88REUBreaking the Lignin Barrier with Termite TAV5 Treatment Technology (T4): Biopower and Biofuel from Agricultural Waste
89REUGamifying Human Building Interaction for Sustainable Indoor Environment
90REUSoil Borehole Thermal Grout for Enhanced Geothermal Energy Applications
93REUMachine Learning Unveils the Hidden Link: Public Water Quality, Cancer Incidence, and Energy Waste in Texas
94REUAdvancing ClaimBuster: Enhancing Efficiency and Accessibility for Real-time Fact-Checking
95REUTortoise: An Assistive Smart Glasses System for People with Memory Loss Conditions
96REUWeb-Based GUI for Video Content Processing
97REUAutomated In Situ Segmentation of Sugarcane Roots
98REUmmWatch: A mmWave-Based Surveillance System for Sustainable Future Infrastructure
99REU[MLN-DASH 2.0] Extended Dashboard to Generate, Analyze and Visualize Complex Data Using Multilayer Networks
100REUSpeclearn: Spectrum Learning in Shared Band Under Extreme Noise Conditions
101REUSourcing and Preprocessing Animal Communication Data for Animal Language Understanding
102REUEmpowering the Future of Wireless Communication: A Comprehensive Exploration of srsRAN for 5G Open RAN Deployment and Beyond
103REUAnalyzing the Sensor Modality Selection for Competitive and Cooperative Service Robots
104REUEnhancing Symbolic Execution With Large Language Models for Efficient Vulnerability Detection in Real-World Software
105REUCharacterization of Recycled Stainless Steel 316L Powder in Additive/Subtractive-Based Hybrid Manufacturing with Directed Energy Deposition
106REUAgent-Based Modeling of Land Use Decisions for Urban Agriculture
107REURecommissioning Hybrid Energy Storage Modules
108REUAutonomous Monitoring of 3D Printing
109REUDevelopment of Inflamed Endothelium Targeting Nanoparticles to Treat Peripheral Arterial Disease
110REUWoundWare: Automating In-Vitro Wound Identification, Localization, and Size with Convolutional Neural Networks
111REUDetection of Landmark Transducer Positioning for Accurate and Safe Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage
112REUDesign a Heart Perfusion System for Ex Vivo Porcine Heart Research
113REUData-Driven Anomaly Detection of Electric Powertrain System
114REUNozzle Design for Rotating Detonation Rocket Engines Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Machine Learning Techniques
115REUEvaluation of the Blended Wing Body Configuration for the Next Evolution in High-Performance Racing Sailplanes
116REUComplex Parametric CAD Modeling for 3D Printed Scaled Models for Sustainable Aeroelastic Experiments
117Other UndergraduateAn Assessment of Methane Reformation and Methane Pyrolysis Technologies for Hydrogen Production, Greenhouse Gas Reduction, and Decarbonization
118Other UndergraduateToward Enhanced Fire Safety: Functionalized Graphene as a Key Component in Polymer Composite Flame Retardants
119Other UndergraduateMachine Learning based Segmentation of Delamination Patterns from Sparse Ultrasound Data of Barely Visible Impact Damage in Composites
120Other UndergraduateRe-valorization of Plastic Waste for a Circular Economy Model: A Wind Energy Generator Case Study
121Other UndergraduateRevolutionizing Aerospace and Automotive Industries: The Vital Role of Lignin-Based Fibers
122Other UndergraduateTheoretical Symphony: Harmonizing Graphene and Organic Ligands for Rare Earth Metal Extraction
123Other UndergraduateEmpowering Prosthetic Freedom through a Machine Learning Integrated Model
124Other UndergraduateAI video editor
125Other UndergraduateSuperGo