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Innovation Day Projects

# Type Title
1GraduateVehicle Configuration Compendium
2GraduateDesign Safe River Crossing Bridges for Texas
3GraduateSolution to Bakoteh Open Dumpsite at Gambia
4GraduateDevelopment of Solid Waste Management Life Cycle Assessment Tool for Developing Countries
5GraduateDetermining Downstream Ecological Impacts of Sediment Derived from Bridge Construction
6GraduateElectrothermal Sensitivity of Semiconducting Nanoengineered Concrete
7Graduate2D Mix-Compression Inlet Sizing of Supersonic Vehicles
8GraduateUnderstanding Distracted Driving Behaviors
9GraduateDeveloping a Sustainable Solid Waste Management Strategy framework for developing countries
10GraduateDomain Adaptive Transfer Learning on Visual Attention Aware Data Augmentation for Fine-grained Visual Categorization
11GraduateUnsupervised Hyperspectral Unmixing Via Nonlinear Autoencoders
12GraduateTherapeutic potential of targeted nanoparticles to induce angiogenesis in peripheral artery diseases
13GraduateAssessment of Factors that Affect Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion of Manhole Shafts
14GraduateEvaluation and Retrofitting of Prestressed Concrete Bridge with Excessive Vibration
15GraduateMultiSorb: A low-cost approach to remove multiple metals and organics from leachate
16GraduateImplementation of Forward Error Correcting Codes in UTA Coherent Optical Communication Testbed
17GraduateFood and Flora Waste to Fleet Fuel: Development and Application of the F4 Framework
18GraduateBeamforming Using Quasi-Optical Approach for 5G Backhaul
19GraduateCoWiz: Interactive Covid-19 Visualization Based on Multilayer Network Analysis
20GraduateEffects of Photostimulation on Neural Stem Cell Differentiation
21GraduateComparison of Neural and Fuzzy Models for Vowel Recognition
22GraduateOptimal Unmanned Swarm Motion in the Presence of Faulty Nodes
23GraduateAbove-the-Bin Recyclable Plastic Detector
24GraduateLeveraging Stream Processing and Complex Event Processing for Situation Monitoring from Extracted Video Contents
25REUDevelopment and validation of a cyclist behavior questionnaire for the U.S. population: Survey and bike simulator research.
26REUBIA: Body Imaging (Gender, Weight, Height, Body Mass Index) Analyzer
27REUInfluence of spatter generation in SLM processing on the properties of powder material
28REUStudy on the microstructural and surface roughness variations of SLM IN718 overhangs
29REUSmart Shutter
30REURemote Sensing of Subsurface Soil Moisture
31REUTopology Optimization & Scaling for 3D Printed Models
32REUUnraveling the Kinetics of the Aqueous Precipitation of Magnesium Silicate Hydrate in Cementitious Environments
33REUHolonomic Vehicles and Intergral Reinforcement Learning
34REUDevelopment of aniline tetramer doped biodegradable photoluminescent loaded EpoR nanoparticles for treatment of peripheral arterial disease.
35REUComputational Model of Porcine Neonatal Heart for Congenital Heart Disease Research
36REUSynthesis of Core-Shell Nanostructures for the Transport of Biological Matter in Microfluidic Devices
37REUIdentifying Dimensions for Vulnerability Analysis and Model Development to Measure the Resilience Level of Transportation Infrastructures in North Texas
38REUDevelopment of a smartphone app for smart freight traffic signal priority on urban freight corridors
39REUDeveloping Models for Impacts of Socio-Economic Conditions on Project Cost and Time in Roadway Projects
40REUA Software Fault Localization approach to Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)
41REUAt-Home Rapid COVID-19 Paper Strip Detection Test
42REUUnderstanding of Patterns in Electricity Usage and Market Data Towards Facilitating Demand Response with Dynamic Pricing
43REURobot Localization and Navigation by Fusing Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Sensing Data
44REUA Proactive and Dynamic Approach for Equitable Police Patrol Deployment
45REUAutonomous Vehicle Meets 3D Printer: Cost-effective Monitoring of Additive Manufacturing using Robots
46REUAn engineering approach for COVID-19 strategies that balances reopening and transmission interventions at county and campus scales
47REURe-imagining the Use of Mine Tailings into Construction Materials
48REUUsing Augmented Reality and Machine Learning to Guide Physical Exercise Routines
49REUDigital Twinning Microstructures of Additively Manufactured Materials
50REUModeling a Virtual Logistics Community for Texas Farmers
51REUIncreasing Robustness of Deep Learning-based Audio Detection Systems against Adversarial Examples
52Other UndergraduateUnderstanding the Behavior of Natural Gas Leaks in the Subsurface Under Varying Environmental Conditions to Better Inform First Responders
54Other UndergraduateTDIndustries - Truck Based Service
55Other UndergraduateMachine Learning Application in Engineering
56Other UndergraduateALS Eye Tracking App
57Other UndergraduateAn Open Domain Conversation Chatbot
58Other UndergraduatePressure/Touch Sensing Glove
59Other UndergraduateA Custom Application to Collect and Display Road Condition Images During Winter Weather Transportation Operations
60Other UndergraduateVersatile Thermal Conductivity Instrument
61Other UndergraduateBeneficial Reuse of Fly Ash as a Landfill Liner Material
62Senior DesignSurgical Drill End-Effector
63Senior DesignVertically Enabled Cargo Transfer Robot
64Senior DesignRail Gun Autoloader
65Senior DesignHotspots
66Senior DesignElectronic Speed Controller Size Reduction
67Senior DesignTwitch IOT Hub
68Senior DesignTab Welder
69Senior DesignUTA ACM Website
70Senior DesignAllergy Minimizing Mask
71Senior DesignConceptual Design of an All-Body Aircraft for Space Tourism
72Senior DesignLinear Transformer Driver
73Senior DesignTwitter Hashtag Suggester
74Senior DesignConceptual Design of a Blended Body SSSO Space Tourism Vehicle
75Senior DesignSuperSensor
76Senior DesignMicrofluidic device to fabricate alginate/ gelatin beads
77Senior DesignBiosensor for microbial detection
78Senior DesignAutonomous Drone Showcase
79Senior DesignHashtagIt
80Senior DesignSensorium Cloud
81Senior DesignAlan Ritchey-Niagara Water Offloading Process Improvement
82Senior DesignSiemens Grand Prairie Switchboard Workstation Tool Management
83Senior DesignDollamur: Consumer Direct Location and Layout
84Senior DesignMonkee Management
85Senior DesignConceptual Design of Rocket Powered, Horizontal Takeoff, Wing-Body, Suborbital Launch Vehicles
86Senior DesignCompass Group: Chartwells Front End Remodel Design of UC Connection Cafe at UT Arlington
87Senior DesignAdvanced Control Actuation Drive System Software
88Senior DesignCustom Box Company Performance Improvements
89Senior DesignPrediction and Validation of Photostimulation to Improve Insulin Secretion in β-cells
90Senior DesignAutonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
91Senior DesignLuxottica Sponsorship
92Senior DesignLifeFit
93Senior DesignidentiDoc
94Senior DesignRV Weather App
95Senior DesignEducational Games Suite
96Senior DesignEye Tracking Keyboard
97Senior DesignVirtual Reality
98Senior DesignTransact Estate Management System
99Senior DesignEZpayit eWallet Mobile App
100Senior Design3D Reconstruction and Simulation of a Hypertrophic Heart
101Senior DesignTube Cleaning Device
102Senior DesignMedTech
103Senior DesignLow-Cost 3D BioPrinter
104Senior DesignWearable American Sign Language Translation Device
105Senior DesignAdvanced Control Actuation Drive System (ACADS)
106Senior DesignWavelength-Switchable LED Light Source for Applications of Photobiomodulation
107Senior DesignTopographic Mapping Drone
108Senior DesignA-Mod Engine Team
109Senior DesignMars Rover Suspension Design
110Senior DesignTabletizer
111Senior Design3D Printed Aircraft Competition
112Senior DesignAutomated Gum Elimination Device
113Senior DesignCompetition Drone Team
114Senior DesignAutomated Cutting Station
115Senior DesignPollen Filtration Mask
116Senior DesignCFD Nozzle
117Senior DesignMars Rover Wheel Design
118Senior DesignHeated Makeup Brush
119Senior DesignLight Farms Residential Subdivision