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Innovation Day Projects

# Type Title
2GraduateHAND-REHA: Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognitionfor Game-based Wrist Rehabilitation
3GraduateDesign, Optimization, Fabrication and Characterization for a MEMS scale Triboelectric Energy Harvester with High Operating Frequency and Wide Bandwidth
4GraduateComparative Calcium Responses of β-cells to Electric Field Stimulation and Photobiomodulation
7GraduateAnti-Abduction Application
8GraduateMultifunctional Hard Disk Drive
9GraduateConstruction Workers’ Health and Safety Challenges in Post-Disaster Reconstruction Projects
10GraduateEvaluation and Assessment of Disaster Preparedness, Awareness, and Education of Vulnerable Communities in Extreme Events
11GraduateDC Arc Flash Estimation
12GraduateWheelTrip - FAA Smart Airport Challenge
13GraduateAnaerobic Digestion of Food Waste Components: A Study of Biogas & Fertilizer Production and Composition
14GraduateAssessment of Factors that Affect Microbially Induced Concrete Corrosion (MICC) of Manholes
15GraduateMulti-sorbent mixtures from waste materials: A low-cost approach to removal of multiple metals and organics from leachate
17GraduateNoise Figure Measurement for the 3-stage S-band Amplifier
18GraduateNonlinear/Quantum Optics in Few-Mode-Fibers
19GraduateDeep Learning Modeling of Voxel-Level Response Prediction for Radiation Therapy Treatment of Lung Cancer
21GraduateWell-To-Wheel CO2 Emission Assessment of Gasoline and Electric Vehicles
22GraduateRapid Large-Scale Fabrication of Metasurfaces with Multipart Periodic Unit Cells
23REUDesign and fabrication of patient-specific hip implant using selective laser melting method
24REUThe Impact of Porosity in Additively Manufactured Lightweight Aircraft structures
25REUIntegration of IMSE Tools and Development of an Undergraduate Class Project
26REUPressure Ulcer Prevention Using Soft Non-Grasp Manipulation
27REUDevelopment of 3-D Printable Ultra-high-performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (UHP-FRC) for Cost-effective Maintenance and Construction of Transportation Infrastructure
28REUTo Design and To Build a Cost-Effective Perfusion Bioreactor
29REUDevelopment of child-pedestrian training module for advanced transportation systems
30REUHuman interaction and perception toward a service robot in a healthcare environment
31REUVideo-based Cognitive Assessment for Persons with Dementia
32REUMitigation of Third Rail Operational Failures through Implementation of New Technologies
33REURebounding from Disruptive Events: Optimization of Post-Disaster Reconstruction Activities for Critical and Interdependent Infrastructure Networks
34REUTemperature and Pressure Perception Glove for Nerve Substitution in the Hand
35REUDesigning a Virtual Logistics Community for Texas Farmers
36REUDevelopment of Fucoidan Nanoparticles-based Device for Household Level Water Treatment
37REUWhat is a Strong Bond? How can we predict composite bond performance?
39REUWinter Weather Operations Management System
40REUStudying the Microstructure Variation in Additive Manufactured Parts
41REUTowards Geometrical Accuracy in Additive Manufacturing
42REUInvestigating the Future Advancement of Science and Engineering Communication Through Stakeholder Participation
43REUMigration of Gas Leaks Through Soil Layers and Substrate
44REUEvaluating and Developing Setback Distance for Natural Gas Pipelines in the United States
45REUConceptual Design Methods for Small 3D Printed Aircraft
46REUValidation of Optimization Driven Structural Scaling for 3D-Printed Models
47REUPhase Stabilization of Optical Frequency Comb
48REURecycling and Reusing Thermoplastic Wastes from 3D Printing
49REUTopology Optimization of 3D-Printed Aircraft Wings with Less Material Use
50REUSynthesis and Characterization of ?ICAM1-EpoR-PLGA-NP to Treat PAD
51REUInvestigation of Therapeutic BPLPAT Nanoparticles in the Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease
52REUAn On-Chip Microfluidic Device for The Production  of Targeted Drug Carriers
53REUPLGA Nanoparticles Conjugated Microbubbles for Theranostic Applications
54REUCan Hot Spots Policing Reduce Crime?
55Senior DesignSplit-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Approach for Low Impedance Material Testing
56Senior DesignAirbus Control Panel Cooling
57Senior DesignA Finger Photopletysmography for Measurement and Display of Adult Heart Rate
58Senior DesignDevelopment of a Delivery System to Apply Multiple Stimulations for Stem Cell Differentiation
60Senior DesignDefining Conceptual Design Solution Space Topographies for the Future of Hypersonic Technology in Near-Future Commercial and Military Applications
61Senior DesignLiquid Fueled Bi-Propellant Rocket Engine
62Senior DesignAI Trader
67Senior DesignLaser Harp
68Senior DesignMarcie's Eyetracking
69Senior DesignMavRA
74Senior DesignWeAdvise
75Senior DesignArcwave
76Senior DesignAutomated Residential Hydroponics
77Senior DesignAVRSL Indoor Mapping Robot
78Senior DesignElectric Heating
79Senior DesignHVAC Design for Archives Center in Mumbai, India
80Senior DesignNeuro Arc Meditative Vibrational Platform
81Senior DesignStahl Heated MakeUp Brush
82Senior Design2020 IEEE Robotics Competition
83Senior DesignHands-On
84Senior DesignInfrared Arena
85Senior DesignLasers: Combat Evolved
86Senior DesignLicense Plate Recognition Advanced Parking System
87Senior DesignAdvanced Control Actuation Drive System Software
88Senior DesignAdvanced Control Actuation Drive System Hardware
89Senior DesignNursing Empathy in VR
90Senior DesignReady-GO!
91Senior DesignSoftware Control of Smart Blink Shutters
92Senior DesignMobile App Control of Smart Blink Shutters
93Senior DesignElectronic Hardware Integration to Smart Blink Shutters
94Senior DesignWhatchamabudget
95Senior DesignMicrofluidic System to Fabricate Alginate/Gelatin Beads
96Senior DesignA 3D Bioprinter for Fabricating Protein Structures with Micron Resolution
97Senior DesignElectronic Control of A 3D Bioprinter for Fabricating Protein Structures with Micron Resolution
98Senior DesignBioelectronic Medicine for Hypertension: Non-invasive Blood Pressure Control
99Senior DesignMobile Platform Design for Underground Conduit Prognosis and Inspection
100Senior DesignCompact Plane Illumination Plugin for Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy
101Senior DesignThe Visualization of Convex Optimization
102Senior Design3D Printing of a Hypertrophic Heart
103REUDriving Fatigue Detection using an Immersive Simulated Environment
104Senior DesignAutonomous Lawn Mower
105Senior DesignCleanUp
106Senior DesignFuelly
107Senior DesignKomodo API
108Senior DesignProject LTunes
109Senior DesignScrewIt: The Fastener Identifier Tool
110Senior DesignAugmented Reality Integration using Sensorium Sensor System
111Senior DesignIntegration of a Software Defined Radio (SDR) into Sensorium
112Senior DesignSensorium Augmented View
113Senior DesignUR5CYCLE
114Senior DesignPaper Strip for Microbial Detection
115Senior DesignCustodial Labor Optimization at DFW Airport
116Senior DesignFirst Company Production Improvement
117Senior DesignPortable Imager for the detection of Bacteria on Chronic Wounds
118Senior Design3D Printed Fixed Wing Aircraft Competition
119Senior DesignFeature Based Porosity Design of Experiments for Direct Metal Laser Sintering for the United States Air Force
120Senior DesignWheelchair Dynamometer
121Senior DesignRailgun and Capacitor Charging Power Supply
122Senior DesignBattery Tab Welder
123Senior DesignFiber Optic Transmission of Analog and Digital Control Signals
124Senior DesignPortable Four-Channel Data Logging Oscilloscope
125Senior DesignHardware In the Loop Simulation of Energy Storage Devices
126Senior DesignThree-Wheeled Electric Scooter
127Senior DesignPower Supply for an Electric Motorcycle
128Senior DesignElectric Motorcycle Concept-Demonstrator | Chassis and Powertrain Design
129Senior DesignVulk Stabilization System
130Senior DesignA 5th Generation Wearable American Sign Language Translation Device
131Senior DesignMulti-contrast Seed for Breast Tumor Localization
132Senior DesignFluid Flow Frontiers: FSAE Muffler Team