Through SCRF, UTA’s Computer Science and Engineering Department aims to encourage research experiences for students. The event is open to students at all levels. We especially encourage women and students from groups that are underrepresented in computing to apply. The underrepresented population includes Blacks and African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Native Pacific Islanders, women, and persons with disabilities. This event features research competition and student work exhibition, keynote, panels, mentoring activities, graduate program information tables, and industry partnership. Through these activities, we will:

  • Promote research projects pertinent and important to students’ lives and interests
  • Nourish a positive student community by creating welcoming physical and virtual spaces
  • Encourage professional behavior
  • Build student confidence and professional identity by providing feedback

Your Participation

We want to make SCRF a can't-miss event that grows each year. As professionals in government, nonprofits, and private corporations, we value the contributions you can make to ensure this event succeeds in its mission to motivate and encourage underrepresented students in computing this year and in the future.

  • Be a keynote speaker/panelist/mentor/expert judge/volunteer at the event, or nominate someone else
  • Help organize or publicize the events
  • Have an information table for your organization at the event

Sponsorship: Find our sponsorship levels below. Your contribution will support both SCRF and OurCS@DFW.

Logo on event advertising
Table/booth at SCRF
Name an event (coffee break, keynote, panel, etc.) in SCRF or OurCS@DFW  
Access to send up to 2 relevant communications to SCRF and OurCS@DFW attendees    

If you are interested in contributing to this event, please email .

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SCRF - a festival for all students in computing
February 21, 2022

Funding for the Event Provided By

Goldman Sachs

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