Volume X / 2021
The University of Texas at Arlington | College of Engineering

Back to Business as Usual—Only Better

Dean Peter Crouch
Dean Peter E. Crouch

Like you, the College of Engineering has had to adapt to all that the pandemic has thrown at us. We’ve been battered and bruised for the last year and a half, but there’s hope!

I’m proud of our faculty, students, and staff for their resilience in the face of isolation, unique challenges, and trying personal and professional situations. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when confronted with situations like those we dealt with last year. True to our nature as engineers, we devised solutions and found innovative ways to make things work in a world dominated by online instruction and online communication with all our stakeholders.

As we welcome everyone back to campus this fall, I’m especially encouraged by this newfound ability to provide quality online instruction in addition to face-to-face classes. Our distance learning options have progressed by leaps and bounds in the last year, and our ability to efficiently teach remotely will serve our students better now than in the past.

We have added more than a dozen new certificate programs and a multi-disciplinary master’s degree in data science, all of which can be leveraged by students wishing to add new skills to their professional toolboxes or to add value to a current degree program.

I am excited that our emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship is becoming more robust and that stories of successful student startups are becoming more and more common. As engineers, innovation and ideas are part of who we are, and the college—together with UTA—is steadily building up its support system for students who wish to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

After months of uncertainty and strain, it’s good to see people again. Our corridors, classrooms, and laboratories are bustling as they have in the past. We’re committed to returning to business as usual, only better. There’s a renewed energy at UTA that’s been missing for too long, and it’s great to see it return to the College of Engineering.