Volume X / 2021
The University of Texas at Arlington | College of Engineering

Tabletizer Team

Mel Jackson sought help with his invention.
Mel Jackson sought help with his invention.

Engineering seniors recently had the opportunity to help an alumnus improve his invention. Mel Jackson (’10 B.A., Psychology) collaborated with a senior design team to help him perfect the Tabletizer, his newly patented device that attaches underneath a table, counter, bar, or desk to provide a convenient way to sanitize a person’s hands.

“I wanted to create a more convenient way for a person to sanitize their hands instead of going to the restroom or using a distanced sanitizer location,” Jackson says. “Now, users of the Tabletizer can remain seated or standing closer to its location.”

Austin Harvey, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering last month, led the team of students, which included John Wortham, Jennifer Okpala, and Rocky Vera Cruz.