Volume XII / 2023
The University of Texas at Arlington | College of Engineering

AI for Infrastructure

A team of five civil engineering students and faculty advisor Mohsen Shahandashti will travel to Singapore for six weeks next summer for an intensive research experience to see how artificial intelligence can help design an infrastructure system.

Mohsen Shahandashti
Mohsen Shahandashti, Ph.D.

The group will work with a similar team from Georgia Tech and with students from two universities in Singapore in a collaborative effort to bring high-tech innovations to civil engineering.

"Artificial intelligence can give us better information and help us make better decisions," says Dr. Shahandashti. "We will explore options and see how it can enhance our work. It's a proactive way of thinking. We know the advantages and the limitations, and now we're exploring the possibilities."

The program will last for three years and is open to students in engineering and architecture.

The team hopes to determine how artificial intelligence can best be used to look through all the available information—a huge task for humans—and help with decisions based on statutes, best practices, costs, and other considerations.