Volume XII / 2023
The University of Texas at Arlington | College of Engineering

Twitter/X Ambassador

Sayak Saha Roy, a doctoral student in the Computer Science and Engineering Department, recently was named a Twitter Student Ambassador by the social media company, which has since changed its name to "X."

The Student Ambassador Program recognizes leaders who are passionate about social media and want to build and lead student developer communities at their schools.

Saha Roy will create workshops for UTA students to help them develop skills in data science, data mining, visualization, and other tools that can be applied to research both in college and in their later careers. His main job is to build inclusive student-developer communities.

"My research is very data-driven, trying to find and mitigate social media attacks such as phishing and hate speech," Saha Roy says. "I've been using the Twitter/X API (application programming interface) for more than four years, so when this opportunity came about, I thought, 'Why not approach this on a much larger scale?'"

In addition to his research about mitigating social engineering attacks, Saha Roy also uses computational and social science methods to identify abusive content aimed at protected classes on social media platforms.